Welcome to Stichting NedTlink

Our Mission.
To support Tanzanian Non Governmental Ornganizations involved in various sustainable development projects in rural areas. These projects include Renewable Energy, Tree Planting (Environment), Education, Health, and water supply. We further concentrate in sensitizing entrepreneurial activities in grassroots communities. It is our belief that without entrepreneurial activities, there will never be economic development in any society. We further link these organizations in a global network of various experts in above related fields in order to share knowledge and support in solving their problems.
Our Vision.
To encourage communities to initiate their own ideas on solving existing problems by using available resources.  The communities have a huge experience on environment surrounding them so if supported could easily implement their ideas and experiences into sustainable development projects. We understand that NedTlink can not accomplish her goals alone, that is why we believe your support is highly indispensable.
Currently Faundation NedTlink is supporting the following projects in Rwambaizi village of Karagwe district.  These are pilot projects, there after we will extend our program to some other parts of Tanzania.
  • Improved cooking stove in order to reduce tree cutting for cooking.
  • Water Supply (water wells construction)
  • Tree Nurseries & Forest protection.
  • Renewable Energy uses for schools and Hospitals.
  • Bread bakery project for widows. (intrepreneurial orientation)
  • Biogas installations.